Resellers at Tokyo Disney Resort Allegedly Use Fake Babies to Evade Shopping Limits

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This feels a little like when you could hire a handicapped person to go to Disney with you so your party could always skip the line. I don’t know if you still can or if Disney found a way to stop that.


>…a story about shoppers rushing to the gate at Tokyo DisneySea more than five hours before the park opened rushing crowds with fake babies? must be something pretty important >Popular new merchandise was set to debut on April 7, including Duffy and Friends merchandise *sigh*


Disney isn’t very smart. They could offer 100 times howevermany of these *exclusive” items (making them not-so-exclusive), pocket a ton of money, and literally take money away from these resellers. These items wouldn’t be on the shelves very long because everyone wants anything and everything Disney.


The report mentions that most of the offenders are speaking Chinese. EDIT: To be specific, this is what the caption says in the ANN News screen shot


Omg — well they’re creative at least