Russia blocks The Moscow Times’ news website after unfavorable coverage

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I wonder if Russia is like China. My boss is from China and he says no one watches or reads the news anyway because everyone knows it is just propaganda.


This is a bit notable because The Moscow Times has a circulation of about 35-40,000 (very little) in the Moscow area and is primarily available at international hotels. Russia has “tolerated” it for years because of its low distribution rate and high consumption by foreigners in Moscow, and they could always point to it as proof of “freedom of speech and journalism”. It was never considered much of a threat to Russia so for it to finally gain the Kremlin’s attention is interesting. (I’m a longtime reader of The Moscow Times and they are definitely not a comical Putin-Parrot)


Putin: You can’t isolate Russia!!! Also Putin:… because I’m already doing that.


Sounds a lot the same as trump and his ilk


US should employ all carrier pigeons to deliver the western news