Scientists Develop a Technology That Reverses Hearing Loss

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Founded by MIT scientists, the clinical-stage biotech company Frequency Therapeutics discovered a way to reverse hearing loss without hearing aids or implants. Focusing on progenitor cells (which reside in the inner ear and turn into hair cells when humans are in utero, before going dormant) the company injects small molecules into the cochlea, which transform these cells into hair cells that help us hear. During their 200-person trial, the company saw meaningful improvement in patients’ hearing, with some reporting improved speech perception after a single injection that lasted nearly 2 years.


It would be super cool to make my tinnitus go away one day


This is excellent news! My dad is deaf in one ear and his hearing in his other ear is fading. I really hope he can be helped!


This company has like a 70 million dollar market cap. This is one of the best investing opportunities I’ve ever seen if they hit the market with this


Sort it out please! Because I’ve had enough of telling people I’m partially deaf, and them not raising their voice or enunciating better to help me listen. I don’t have an issue with being deaf, it’s how people respond to my deafness that’s the issue…