Shanghai Lockdowns Threaten China’s Auto Output While Port Congestion Worsens

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> Chinese automakers warned they may have to put the brakes on production if Covid-19 lockdowns in Shanghai persist, with a top Huawei executive also sounding the alarm Friday about snarled supply chains. Cars are very expensive right now in the US. Even used vehicles are high in price. 4-door non-luxury sedans from 2010 – 2012 are around $7000 – $12000 where I live. I personally think the days of Americans relying on cheap Chinese goods are coming to an end. This was a huge mistake basing so many of our cities around automobile ownership and suburbia. There will be so many people unable to own a car. And our relationship with vehicles may become more similar to the relationship that Mexicans and Brazilians have with cars. It is just seen as the norm to buy a used car in those places and for many people to just not own cars.