Should I contact HR about my severance as yet or am I being too impatient?

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Yes. Email them for a paper trail


Why not ask? What are the going to do… fire you 🙂 P.S. I was laid off not so long ago… so I hope my comment is interpreted as a suggestion to be a little assertive, you don’t exactly owe them anything (and honestly, even if you did, it would be totally reasonable to ask at this point… just be business-like in your communication). EDIT: wow, there were a lot of typos.


Yes you should inquire. Also apply for unemployment if you’re not currently employed, to start the clock if there’s further delay.


If you signed the paperwork then they have a legal requirement to pay you that severance within 30 days. They are past that date and you have every right to inquire as to where is your money Update: Happy to see you are getting your money. You were in the right and should not be scared or apprehensive to ask about the whereabouts of it.


You are being too polite. Email the HR and ask them. It’s your money, it not an important issue for anyone but you.