South Carolina inmate picks firing squad over electric chair as execution looms, calling both options “unconstitutional”

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I hope I never have to choose but in all honesty I would pick a bullet over having my body turned into one big electrical circuit


I still don’t follow why an electric chair is considered OK, but an overdose on morphine or heroin, or slowly filling a room with nitrogen or carbon dioxide, is not.


The firing squad is the only execution in modern times that has 100 percent success rate. That’s the only way I’d want to die honestly. Quick and painless


The point IS that US society wants an execution to be cruel. Just read the comments here. If you HAVE to kill someone, do it humanely, not for the victim’s sake, but for society’s sake. US society is brutalised enough. You heard that what goes around, comes around? Nitrogen asphyxiation is fast, pain free and 100% sure. Now watch the commenters who do not WANT it to be pain free. Exactly my point.


What happens is he refused to pick one? Do they flip a coin?