Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s Border Security Stunt Has Been A Total Shitshow

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Just like his term as Governor


That’s the Republican MO. Throw feces everywhere and then blame it on the Democrats. Abbott doesn’t winterize the electric power structure and instead actively disincentivizes taking the correct precautions, yet when the perfectly predictable outcome of this behavior happens, it’s actually Democratic Windmills faults! Abbot is actively messing with the supply chain and making things worse so he can blame the outcome on “Biden’s economy”.


It’d be nice if Texas truckers realize that they’re just pawns for the Cons.


True, but his Koolaid drinking supporters love it.


This is all planned. 1. Create a shitshow at the border – **Done** 2. Affect supply chain logistics – **Done** Republicans will run on only 3 things in the 2022 elections: * Immigration * Inflation * Education/Culture wars Inflation will most likely die down as we head to the end of the year, so that’s why they’re placing more emphasis on Immigration and Education/Culture war issues. Let’s not kid ourselves, the GOP base has a tendency to believe a lot. I mean, just listening to Sen Grassley’s recent town hall or seeing what Trump supporters have to say – it’s almost nauseating that nonsense they’ll believe. So, taking this into account, Gov Abbott is going to blame President Biden and the Democrats for the supply chain issues, even though he’s the cause. And trust, a majority of GOP voters will believe it. This ties into a bigger issue the Democrats face – **competent and significant messaging**. Republicans have an amazing tactic in getting their talking points out, fact or fiction. And even if it’s not picked up, after banging the drum long enough, they’ll eventually get it out. And Democrats don’t do enough to counter this. Anyways, the way I see it, Gov Abbott and Texas state officials are willing to let their constituents suffer to play political games. Gov Abbott might as well say – ***Let them eat cake***