Texts Show Mike Lee Released ‘the Kraken’ and Tried to Give Trump a Smarter Coup Plan — Utah Sen. Mike Lee spent months texting White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows strategies he thought Trump should be using to overturn the election.

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Why do we allow a cult to control a whole state?


With the gargantuan avalanche coming off the slopes of Bullshit Mountain these days, it’s easy to lose perspective. Don’t forget: this is the sort of stuff that only enemies of Democracy would do.


This is worse than 9/11. At least there, it was a hostile *foreign* terrorist group attacking America. Jan 6th was a hostile **DOMESTIC** terrorist group attacking America, with operatives embedded as **actual members of Congress**.


It’s fine, trying to overthrow the government is perfectly legal if you are a republican politician, just ask the DOJ.


Wonder what would happen if this was the Dems doing this ?