The beauty of National Parks are reminders of what the entire earth could look like if humans weren’t around .

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You’re ignoring the selection bias, though. For the most part, those places were chosen to be national parks because they’re really neat places, not just at random. If you’ve ever driven along I-80 in southern Wyoming and compared it to Yellowstone and Grand Teton it’s pretty clear


That’s simply not true. If no one ever moved to Los Angeles it doesn’t become Yosemite. You are knocking the amazing uniqueness of National Parks. While things would be better they wouldn’t be a National Park like setting.


Beauty is a human concept. There would be no beauty without humans to experience it.


Idk how many less humans there were… my back yard was never going to look like half dome.


Nah. National parks are heavily maintained by federal forestry and wildlife services. New species are introduced to the parks. Controlled burns happen. The parks are reminders of what the entire earth could look like if humans were around. There’s plenty of untouched parts of the earth, which would be a better example than national parks, which are heavily touched to upkeep a certain tourist appearance.