The Matrix was right, the 90s were peak humanity

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Yes, the 1790s were peak humanity.


It’s dependent on your socioeconomic standing. The police completely ignored certain neighborhoods leaving the local drug dealers to fight over the corners. The internet wasn’t in your pocket yet; you could get suspended from school for having a pager in class. You had to call for cabs which may, or may not come. Mail order everything took forever. I do miss feeling the personal inter-connectivity of that pre-web2.0 society, where you had to know “somebody” to get things done.


Meh. Looking back, I disagree. Waiting for the fucking internet to connect is enough for me to say no


No. I’m going to name a few things that were horrible for the 90s. Color changing cloths that change with body heat. Your crotch and armpits were vibrant. Pogs that no one knew how to play and my birth.


The rave/club/dance scene was just brilliant. No phones, just great music and great pills.