The Republican Establishment Tried to Overturn the Election, Too. Mike Lee’s Texts Prove It.

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Sen Lee and Rep Roy’s texts just confirm what we already know. Led by then-President Trump, a significant amount of Republicans in Congress, tried to overturn the election. And a significant portion of the electorate was fine and are still fine with it. I just hope that something is done. This laissez-fare attitude by those who were actively involved in trying to overthrow the election and enable then-President Trump to become an autocratic leader is ridiculous. It does not reflect well on the American electorate or its democratic standing in the world.


That would explain the hesitancy of much of the Republican Party to vote to convict Trump in the 2nd impeachment trial.


We sort of all watched it on the television, and there’s all the months of lying leading up to Jan 6. So here we are. Republicans on the one hand claiming Democrats couldn’t run a one man funeral, yet on the other hand somehow managed to committed the cleverest of all feats, stole a president’s election outright, without leaving a shred of evidence. Huh.


Party before country. Official. From Mitch McConnell. The country does not matter to them it it’s ask about the party and do anything legal or not to get/stay in power. The party is officially morally bankrupt


Every election before Trump political parties recognized the winner whether they liked it or not, that was American democracy. Trump comes along and says, “no we don’t why?” and the GOP hopped on and said yeah, we don’t recognize the winner let’s overturn the election. It will be tried again and again, sadly now, America is in the twilight of its democratic experiment.