The societal pressure to wear matching socks is peddled by Big Sock so that if you lose one sock you’d buy two.

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Just buy all the same kinds of socks. F U Big Sock! (Though I got smacked by the teacher at school for this because she thought I was wearing the exact same socks every day!)


Apparently my 9 year old disagrees. He refuses to wear matching socks


Then they sell non matching socks in pairs that cost more than matching socks to reinforce the idea that it is only okay to wear non matching socks if you have paid extra to do so that way it is a sign of privilege, not poverty, and only if it is those two.


It’s a scandal how Big Sock has infiltrated our institutions and warped our mind into accepting this travesty as normal. Finally someone red pilled my understanding of the same sock conspiracy! [edit] OMG I did some research on the subject. People, this goes way deeper then I initially thought. It’s not only BIG SOCK 🧦 . BIG SHOE 👞 and BIG GLOVES 🧤 they are all behind this as well. Just a word of advice. Be very careful when you try to uncover this. They’ll come after you and will try to destroy your reputation. Conspiracy theorist is what they will call you. Just remember that I warned you!