TIL in 1986, divers at the wreck of the Titanic discovered there was no large gash in the hull as originally expected. Instead it is believed that the iceberg simply loosened or buckled seams in the hull of the “unsinkable” ship

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the area of the iceberg collision is buried under mud (sonar was later used to inspect the iceberg damage under the mud). regardless, it was always known it wasn’t a huge gash because otherwise the titanic would’ve sunk a lot quicker than it did (2 hours 40 minutes)


Lol they were not divers. They were in a submarine.


If I remember correctly, the idea that the ship was unsinkable wasn’t a claim made by anyone at the time.


Part of the actual “gash” is barely visible above the mudline, a couple inches wide two inches is about 5 cm). This was found two decades ago as part of sonar scans that pierced the mud to map out the tears. All told the ruptured seams are about as large as a door in your home, about 12 ft^(2)/1.1 m^(2), spread along several compartments.


All the small holes and punctures created by the long impact, when added together, were no larger than a standard doorway.