TIL in 2011 a couple from Florida turned the tables and received a judgement against Bank of America for mistakingly foreclosing the family’s home and to cover subsequent legal fees. A court issued the family a writ of execution giving them permission to seize bank assets.

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I remember the Daily Show and John Oliver doing a whole thing on this. The cops chained and padlocked a local BoA branch. They re-enacted it with Liev Schreiber playing the bank rep.


20 years ago or so I received my tax refund into my BOA checking account. $3036.15 I had personal issues with the Ass. Branch Manager. The morning the money appeared, I promptly went down to the branch and cashed out the money. I received a little slip stating Account closed with 0 balance. A year later I receive a letter from BOA that my refund was refused before I cashed out and I owed the bank $3036.15 Lots of calls and letters back and forth for a year or so including my proof. They end up suing me in my local district court. We were there for 5 minutes. Magistrate looks at my bank slip, and dismisses their case against them and BOA is ordered to never have contact with me again. Several weeks later, I get a check in the mail from the Treasury for $3036.15 and a letter stating they have been unable to deposit the money in the bank account I provided. We framed the original bank slip and had it hanging up for a while as a reminder of the time the system tried to screw the man, and the man won.


An old friend of mine won a judgement against BofA over handling change from a vending machine business. BofA didn’t pay the judgement so my friend went back to court and got a court order for a till tap. A deputy sheriff went to the local branch and presented the order and the teller said he couldn’t pay it. The deputy asked, “Who should I arrest for contempt of court?” Or something. The manager directed the teller to count out the cash and hand it over. So, pretty much exactly like what happened here. I believe this happened around 1990. Probably happens often because BofA doesn’t bother showing up in small claims court and loses by default.


And since the bank has shitloads of money it is probably still tied up in appeals to this day…