TIL Sinead O’Connor was a major inspiration for REM’s Losing my Religion video. Not only was Michael Stipe so moved by Sinéad’s lip syncing in Nothing Compares to U video that he finally acquiesced to lip-synching in REM music videos, but he also states that he stole his dance moves from her.

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Both videos are so amazing. That Losing My Religion video in particular, I recall it being just too gay for my little 90s kid brain to comprehend, so I filed it under “remember this, it’s going to be important later.”


How does one not lip sync in a music video?


“And I thought of Sinead O’Connor and her performance in the video of ‘The Last Day Of Our Acquaintance’.” So NOT “Nothing Compares To You” then. wtf. Fucking lame headline.


In the Losing My Religion video in particular, however, he’s imitating the moves David Byrne does in the Once In A Lifetime video from Talking Heads.


I’m confused as to why everyone is mentioning Kanye here?