TIL that Charles Lindbergh’s son, Charles Lindbergh Jr., was kidnapped at 20 months old. The kidnapper picked up a cash ransom for $50,000 leaving a note of the child’s location. The child was not found at the location. The child’s remains were found a month later not far from the Lindbergh’s home.

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And that is why the FBI is called in on kidnapping cases.


I always covered this in my Botany class. It was the first criminal case that used forensic Botany. The prosecution showed that some of the wood used to make the folding ladder used to climb into Lindbergh’s house came from the attic rafters in a garage behind Bruno’s place. They matched the tree rings.


The Lindbergh kidnapping served as partial inspiration for Agatha Christie’s *Murder on the Orient Express*


TIL I’m so old that there are people who haven’t heard of the Lindbergh baby.


Fun fact, in Venezuela there’s a saying “Más perdido que el hijo de Lindbergh” that means “more lost that Lindbergh son”. We use it to say that someone has not being out or seen by anyone, or when you haven’t heard from someone in a big time. Edit: my first awards! Thank you💕