TIL the “Father of Soft Play” and inventor of the ball pit, Eric McMilan, was inspired to create safe play areas because he grew up in post-WW2 England, playing in rubble.

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Play is so much safer these days (too safe? who knows) you just don’t see kids in arm or leg casts like you used to. As an aside, whatever happened to kids with buck teeth? You don’t see them anymore either?


Oh, you had rubble? We only had dank pits that made the Black Hole of Calcutta look like the Pope’s living room.


Our local soft play was mental. Had a slide that I shit you not was practically a wall it was so steep. I never knew it was called soft play though until last year when my boss said he was taking his son to one for the first time, I looked at him funny and he walked off after he’d done speaking. My colleague, who sits opposite me, must’ve noticed my look because she asked if I thought it had something to do with sex… I did…


McMilan? that some kind of scottish/Italian fusion? Like the pizza crunch


I was at a funeral just days ago when the sister of the deceased talked about the huge fun they both had playing on the bomb sites in the UK and how strong a memory it remains. London was a massive unsafe playground.