Twitter board adopts ‘poison pill’ after Musk’s $43 billion bid to buy company

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Twitter working with Goldman Sachs to fight off his offer for a takeover at $54? GS currently has a sell advisory on Twitter with a target price of $30. How can they possibly be advising theTwitter Board to do anything but grab the offer with both hands?


Seems like this is what Musk wanted. Now he can sell his shares for a healthy premium and be on his way,and blame the “deal” going sour on the board


Sell your twitter stock. Garbage investment.


Not sure if this is really feasible (i.e. is there enough liquidity in the market), but could Musk load up on calls and execute them all at the same time? Thereby giving the current shareholders very little time to respond with a difficult and expensive decision to buy more shares.


Is Twitter trying to get a class action lawsuit against their board of directors? Shouldn’t they have put this offer to a vote to the shareholders? I’d rather sell at $54.20 to Musk than have the stock go back to $30 or lower…