Twitter CEO tells employees company not ‘held hostage’ by Musk offer -source

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The twitter AI takes over and locks everyone out.


> As Agrawal took questions from staff that were posted on the company’s Slack messaging service, **he encouraged employees** to remain focused and told them **”we as employees control what happens”** Oh well thats… > Agrawal told staff that ***the board* was continuing to review Musk’s offer**, but that he was limited in what he could share with the employees. Nonsense, it isn’t the employees who control what happens, it’s money and the board. > … one employee asked how the company arrived to the decision to offer Musk a board seat. > “Are we just going to start inviting any and all billionaires to the board?” according to a section of the meeting heard by Reuters. > Agrawal responded that the board was acting in the best interest of shareholders. Dodge successful. Fucking money ruins everything.


Musk wouldn’t follow through on this anyway. I’m pretty sure this is just him doing a pump and dump on twitter stock.


If Musk is serious, Twitters going to have to make at least one big move to offset him. They can either approach other companies to buy them out at a higher price, denying Musk but ultimately becoming someone elses company. Or they can dillute their shares like crazy by issuing large quantity shares at discounted prices, tanking their share price but making it more costly for him. Alternatively, Musk could sell off his 9% and trigger a selloff which will lower the companies value, angering shareholders. In any scenario, Twitter needs to make a move.


If Musk flips Twitter for a profit it’ll be to some conglomerate of right wingers sympathetic to his business interests. If he doesn’t flip it for profit, he’ll do that thing where he exerts pressure to punish anyone who opposes him. Regardless of how you feel about him, the dude is completely self absorbed and regardless of the outcome it’s bad for everyone who is not Elon Musk. As someone pointed out in another thread, he is going to extraordinary lengths to shut up that kid who snitches on him every time he boards a plane.