Ukraine is scanning faces of dead Russians, then contacting the mothers

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How is nobody noticing that this article is essentially an advertisement for Clearview AI and the amount of data they’ve scraped is absolutely horrifying. They’re putting this shit into stores along with eye tracking cameras so they know literally everything about you, including things you don’t know about yourself. While we’re all applauding this particular use case, the fact Clearviews tech is so good they can identify a person with their face smashed in (per the article) should give everyone some pause.


>But contacting soldiers’ parents, she said, is “classic psychological warfare” and could set a dangerous new standard for future conflicts. “If it were Russian soldiers doing this with Ukrainian mothers, we might say, ‘Oh, my God, that’s barbaric,’ ” she said. I agree that it is psychological warfare, but then, they are literally fighting a war, and a defensive one at that. There is also probably some difference in effect between Russians doing this to people who already know full well their nation is being invaded, and Ukrainians doing it to people who are half in the dark and half misinformed. Even the soldiers themselves were said not to know they were going to war until they found themselves in one. Whether the effect turns out to be useful, I guess we will see over time.


Meanwhile Russian soldiers are burning dead Ukrainians to make identification difficult. Ukraine/Russia. Two countries divided by language and culture.


Clearview AI is worse than Cambridge Analytica. All of your photos posted online, regardless of where you post them or if it’s not even you posting it, has been saved and indexed by this company. They routinely violate the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of basically the entire internet. Regardless of what country you live, you have no control over your data in their database. Clearview AI is bad for society. Even if they *might* be used to do something helpful right now, they can just as easily be used for gross and evil purposes as well. Imagine anyone being able to just quickly find all your nudes (maybe shared by an ex or in a hack) just because they have your face pic. That’s just one example of the abuses possible. Just imagine how it could be used to discover ways to blackmail as well. This company shouldn’t exist.


I would prefer to know what happened to my child if they didn’t come home regardless of which side told me. I feel like not knowing is worse than the ua giving you a call.