Ukraine’s port of Mariupol holds out against all odds

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Ya be careful of fighting too hard as it might force the terrorist state to declare war….


Ironically, this is Stalingrad level of resilience by Ukrainian defenders ….


I can’t believe nobody has mentioned this paragraph yet. *”Mariupol Mayor Vadym Boychenko told The Associated Press that at least 21,000 people were killed in Mariupol with bodies “carpeted through the streets.” He said that the Russians deployed mobile cremation equipment to Mariupol to methodically dispose of the victims’ bodies in order to hide the evidence of the massacre and prevent international organizations from documenting “the horror the Russian army is responsible for.””* The idea of mobile cremation equipment is beyond horrifying. Not only are innocent people being slaughtered, but their bodies are being incinerated on-site to destroy all evidence of war crimes. How many people will never know what happened to their loved ones? Never be able to have a burial or any type of closure? Just ash dumped on the street.


“a matter of hours” – experts on 26 Feb 2022 EDIT: I think that should be the name of the movie EDIT2: … and ofcourse the Sabaton song!


Mariupol vs. the entire Russian Army 50 – 0 She’s a key Russian objective, slated to be taken in the first day. She’s been surrounded, cut off and starved since the first week. She’s been besieged and shelled into dust from all sides, and absolutely nobody believed she would last longer than the next 2 days… then the next 2… then the next 2… Every day Mariupol stands is a sucker punch to Putin’s botoxed jaw. He fluffed up his Z-men thinking that taking Kyiv would be his operation’s biggest endeavor, but I bet he never expected a little Russian-speaking port city would deal him such a stinging Ukrainium smackdown. Mariupol is wiping the floor with Russia’s reputation, pissing on the whole military, a monument to Russian incompetence and humiliation.