Ukraine’s top steelmaker says it will never work under Russian occupation

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Can’t imagine how much resolve it takes for them to say this while they have already gone through so much!


RU knows this, but I think in their mind, Donbas will become part of RU. RU will nationalize any industry in the Donbas like steel plants. They’ll put RU management and RU workers (probably forced locally) in there and call it now a RU plant. Of course, we know this will never happen for RU and Ukraine will always fight and win.


Not that Russia gives a fuck. They’ll take over the plant and bring in Russians to run it. If they can’t get it running they’ll hunt down ex employees and force them to help run it. None of this would work and the plant would shut down and they would scrap it for parts. But again, Russia doesn’t care because they’re used to screwing up everything they do.


At this stage I doubt Russia could practically hold any of the territory in a commercially productive state given widespread anger & sentiment against them. You can’t make stuff if half the population is out to sabotage you….


Cool but if it is occupied then the Russians will steal it unless it is destroyed