Vegetarian weaver birds are more sociable than their insect-eating counterparts. The study, for the first time, statistically supports an influential ecological hypothesis on social behavior first proposed 58 years ago.

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*herbivorous I doubt weaver birds are obstaining from animal products for ethical reasons


Makes sense. There are some lizards on this one tiny island in the south pacific that evolved to become vegetarian, and are one of the only known reptiles that form lifelong social bonds. A lot can change when you aren’t fighting over bugs!


Doesn’t really work when you try to apply it to cooperative hunters. I thought it was pretty well established that solo hunters were the least social and ack hunters the most with most herbivores landing in the middle.


Take away enough food so that they have a hard time to get enough to survive and thrive and see if the behaviour changes. Is it a diet change that changed the behaviour or a food availability change that led to different behavior?


Okay, don’t tell me that this vegetarian bird is more sociable if that bird is doing crossfit, vaping and on a gluten free diet