What instantly ruins a movie?

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When a character jumps to conclusions after overhearing something without full context as a heavy plot device to push the story forward. It’s SO lazy and uncreative.


shoehorning a love story into the plot for no discernable reason.


“Wait I can explain! But I wont explain it right now because its not convenient for the plot. So i’ll keep saying I can explain without explaining anything”


Lazy exposition. Lifetime/Hallmark movies are especially guilty of this. It drives me nuts when a movie slams the entire exposition of a story into a 5 second dialogue directly after opening credits. E.g. – “Honey, I am so proud that you are the CEO of your own company. I can’t wait to go back home to meet your family for Christmas. I hope they like me!”


A love story where I never see the two of them in a conversation. Longing looks and passionate scenes are great…unless I don’t believe the two people even like each other, much less love.