When will we explore Enceladus to find alien life?

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I’d say go for Europa but an obelisk said it was a no no.


When we can dig through over a kilometre of ice and get back out.


Missions there are among those proposed but that is a long list. I’d say another orbiter with a potential lander to better understand the plumes might be the next one whenever that may be


Maybe we could start with watching Enceladus with the new James Webb Space telescope. I would greatly approve it.


I’d say when we figure out how to better shield our astronauts from radiation, we’ll be really moving. There’s a plethora of speed bumps, but humans can’t safely leave earth. Our magnetosphere saves us from being bathed in radiation that can create genetic damage. If you mean with probes, well I’m not an engineer. Write NASA and ask them? If they reply, please share.