Why are we getting beer belly?

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Because for many people, alcohol is a huge appetite stimulant. There’s an entire cottage industry in the UK dedicated to serving greasy food to drunk and hungover people. A kebab and a large portion of chips just becomes “the tradition” on the way home from a night out on the lash, and having a “cheeky” fry up the next day is just normal. TL:DR drunk people will eat ALL the foods.


In addition to what others said, the 90 calories in a bottle of Heineken is not typical for your average beer. Only very light and low alcohol beers are that low in calories. A bottle of IPA, which is a very popular style these days, is more like 225-250 calories each.


I lost 75lbs 8 years ago and kept about 65 of it off, I was never a big drinker mostly social and I’m about the same now. I have 3 beers on the weekend, one Friday , one Saturday, one Sunday. I’m also very active running , cycling and the gym so I’m guessing this is why I’m able to keep the weight off. However I must confess , I have a few friends that love to party every now and again and I drink about 4-5 beers that night and nothing screws up my body like excess drinking, to the point it takes me days to recover and be my self again.


As a man ages his natural testosterone levels deteriorate a little each year. And if he on top of that don’t exercise, and don’t eat properly, these levels will more rapidly decrease. And the result of the deteriorating testosterone levels is, amongst other things, gradually more abdominal fat. There’s other reasons too, but this is the main one in the western world. One of the main factors here would be; Excessive consumption of empty calories like beer, chips, pastries, saturated fats and sugar (hence the name ‘beer belly’).


Booze is terrible for your health.