Why Hasn’t the Justice Department Charged Mark Meadows With Contempt?

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Congress should use Garland’s failure to charge Meadows as a reason to re-establish the inherent contempt power of the House, and arrest Meadows themselves. Then bring Garland in for hearings on the Department’s failure to prosecute a clear crime.


Contempt? Or election fraud? Or both?


We don’t want people to be above the law, and don’t want people to undermine democracy, but precedent! How about the precedent that when we do ***nothing***, it promotes continued illegal behavior?


> Here’s the dilemma: Should the Justice Department adhere to its bad precedents, conclude that Mark Meadows had no duty to appear before the select committee, decline to seek an indictment, and be prepared for one kind of howl? Or should it abandon its precedents, seek an indictment, and be prepared for the other kind of howl? Precedent. That’s the reason we haven’t held him in contempt of congress. We’re not going to prosecute the leaders of a seditious conspiracy to overturn a presidential election because…. precedents.


Who is Merrick Garland, Alex.