Windows 11 Adoption Is Lower Than Windows XP, Survey Claims

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This isn’t even a little bit surprising. None of the perfectly good computers in my home are eligible for the upgrade, and I don’t have any plans to replace them.


Windows XP was a good and huge step up from the windows 98 and 2000 operating system. Windows 11 is a huge step sideways with no percievable benefits.


I’m fine with the 10


No real surprise. The upgrade doesn’t offer anything of value. And the things of value it *did* offer got added to windows 10 anyway (such as DirectStorage). That means there’s nothing left except a few cosmetic changes, which they could have added to windows 10 as well… It literally runs the same kernel. However they really shot themselves in the foot by shutting out a very large percentage of users who would have otherwise upgraded. Personally, I just switched to Linux not long after it released. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


Because a lot of people CAN’T upgrade. I got a notice in my upgrade tab that my near top of the line gaming rig is not supported because I do not have TPM. If they think I or the average person is going to dig in the bios to turn it on, or worse, have to buy a part to put it on the motherboard, OR have to do some weird registry edit/hack to get it working, they are just crazy. Unless they are going to get rid of the stupid requirements the vast majority of people are going to stick with windows 10. Considering the negatives I have heard about windows 11 and the leak about them putting ADS in windows 11, I have zero interest to upgrade.