You can hear better with subtitles

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These days, with quiet dialog that forces you to turn up the volume, followed by blow you out the room sound track that forces you to turn the damned thing down again, subtitles are becoming a requirement.


Not necessarily hearing, but rather comprehension of what’s being said – especially for people that have difficulty with just listening to something (me, for example, where I will space out for a second or two in the middle of a sentence and bring able to quickly read back a line helps tremendously).


I feel like I rely way too much on subtitles though, I even struggled in the cinema the other day and wished they had subtitles on screen! Maybe my hearing is getting lazy?!


My Philosophy teacher showed us this phenomenon in college, and it’s basically because you’ve been *told* what to hear. He played a Led Zeppelin record backwards, and it was all a bunch of noisy gibberish, except for one particular spot that sounded pretty close to “Satan” Then he handed out a sheet with “lyrics” for the backwards record, and sure enough suddenly we could “hear” them loud and clear.


I’d give you could understand better what you are hearing