You Cannot Thank God For Curing Your Cancer Without Also Blaming God For Giving You Cancer in the First Place

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My son was diagnosed with cancer a couple years ago and I was so disgusted by the posts in the oncology Facebook groups I was part of. “Our prayers worked!” When a child was declared to be in remission. “Praise be to the lord!” Then when a child died it was always “god has a plan” It made me sick. Absolutely ill. Totally delusional thinking.


Yeah. Been an atheist all of my life. When I got cancer when I was a toddler I didn’t pray to anything and yet I was still cured. I thanked the doctors and surgeons who helped me, not any invisible mass murderer in the clouds. Then decades later when my heart failed on me (most likely related to the treatments they gave me back then) I also didn’t pray to anything and once again the doctors and surgeons saved me again. Funny how that works.


It’s even worse than this. According to theists from all the major Abrahamic religions, we are condemned TO DEATH because the original humans broke a rule. That seems right and moral to punish all of us and everyone we will ever love with horrible deaths for something someone else did eh? Correction: Islam and Judaism still have Adam and Eve, but do not have the original sin concept. We can explore how shitty they are in their own ways separately.


Diagnosed a year ago, finished treatment 6 months ago, got a clean scan and good labs this week, my Muslim doc said thank god, I said no, thank you and everyone who works here, good job doc.


Yep. My buddy’s dad got scammed for 11 grand, then He won a scratch off for 2 grand a few weeks later. They were all like “god is great, the lord provides” and I’m over here adding up a nine grand loss.