Zelenskyy hails Ukrainians’ resolve 50 days into invasion

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If you told me 2 months ago that russia was going to fail this hard at any of its aims I wouldn’t have believed you. I also wouldn’t have believed that they would have been a fraction as just disgustingly cruel as they have been this entire time. I am so thankful I didn’t grow up with russia as my neighbor.


Zelenskyy has had a lot of attention for being a leader who many people would love to see in their own country but I am also happy to see him recognise all effort put in by the whole country. (Yes I know he visited hospitals etc) but it’s still nice to see!


Hail Ukraine resolve and their heroes for standing up to fascism!


The world hails Ukrainians too 🇺🇦


This better fucking not turn into another 20 year war