41 with no retirement

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As much as you can while still paying your bills and keeping an emergency fund.


The fairly good news is theoretically you have 25 years till retirement so some good time to make up for those lost years. Does your company offer any sort of retirement plan? The Roth is a good start but need to find some additional areas to invest. Be aggressive too all equities at this point. Again, with 25 years and even in your retirement years you need equities for the growth potential.


I started saving for retirement at age 41 and retired at age 59. I not only maxed out what I was allowed to contribute to a 401k but I also saved as much as I could in regular savings. I was able to retire at age 59. The after-tax savings should not be ignored. Remember that retirement accounts are taxed (except for Roth) when you take the money out after you retire. But you can use your other savings when you want and only pay tax on the gains. Also, your ‘desired’ standard of living after you retire matters. By living frugally I have a spending habit that allowed my early retirement. I don’t need to luxury travel the world – nor do I have a desire to do so. lol I live a simple – but happy life. (I’m 73 now.) Good luck to you!


I started at 37 earning $70k – now 55 and have ~$1.4m in retirement and around $2m net worth. So yeah, very doable.


Does your job offer a 401k? If so, take advantage of that plan up to the employer match. Then fund a Roth. You should read the Wiki linked on this page.