7,000 Unclaimed Dead Russian Soldiers Left in Morgues, Ukraine Says

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Putin logic 101: “there ain’t no casualties to report if there ain’t no bodies”


There is no way the Russian military can hide all those deaths from the families. Family will be demanding to know the truth.


Isn’t Russia supposed to pay the families of dead soldiers like $40k+? Not surprised they don’t want these bodies, they’re pretty expensive


Imagine going to war for your country, and when you make the highest sacrifice, your country treats you like liability, like a literal shit. You thought you’ll be a hero, a liberator. And you die there, hungry, cold in a 50 yo tank without gas. No coffin wrapped in flag, no family at funeral. You are left to rot there. All you were told was a cynical lie just to get you to enter meatgrinder, and as soon as you die, you and family you, left can just “fuck off, would you?”


At least the Ukrainian people didn’t leave them dead in the streets like Putin’s savage military did to innocent men,woman and children. Let the mothers have their bodies back and that is what a caring people would do like – Ukraine is doing.