99.99% of the Christians claiming to be ex-atheists were never intellectually atheists to begin with

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“I was an atheist because I was mad at gawd…” And I’m like “Back that short yellow bus up, chief. You can’t be mad at something that doesn’t exist, so you were never an atheist to begin with. :)”


I my long experience as a Christian, I saw a lot of people who claimed to be ex-atheists. Most (not all) of the “ex-atheists” I knew had indeed gone through a non-religious or rebellious phase. That time was the basis of claiming to have been an atheist. I had a friend who did this. HIs father was a rather well-known pastor in our community. My friend rebelled. He joined a rock band that called themselves “The Undertakers” and traveled around in an old hearst. I never knew him to call himself an atheist. He just didn’t want to have anything to do with religion. When he got into his 30s he joined his father’s ministry and then leapfrogged that into creating a Christian roadshow. He made a lot of money. There is good money to be made by claiming you are an ex-atheist. And if you are not in it for the money there is a lot of prestige involved. It helps if you have a few jailhouse-quality tattoos (after 20 years most tattoos look like jailhouse tattoos so this is a pretty low bar). I don’t want to make a “No True Scottsman” argument that no true atheist ever reconverts. It is very possible for an atheist to have a personal crisis and turn to religion. I have seen it happen.


Nah, most are just plain lies and I’m willing to bet that they have always been Christians. Sure, I know one atheist that became a Christian, but in their case, it was due to mental illness combined with severe emotional distress and being pressured by a figure of authority.


Ive never heard an actual atheist turn christian on the merits of christianity or based on any evidential fact. You hear a lot of “I was an atheist. I hated god. I ignored him. Did what I wanted. Did all the sin!! I even listened to ACDC.. AND LIKED IT!. But I always knew god was hiding behind the fridge. I just had to find him!” almost every “atheist to christian” story Ive heard, was exactly that formant. These people are never actually atheists. most of them never once bothered to learn what the scientific method actually consisted of, nonetheless how the process actually happens. They only ever understand atheism as an “out crowd” to be scapegoated and feared. a group of undesirables that can be stand in boogeymen. a problem for them looking for a solution only they can invent.


That certainly is the majority of them. Another similar phenomenon is how everyone finds god in prison but if you knew these people before hand you know they were already a theist. With Christian’s this is an oddity because the faith relies on guilt and messing up.