A guy goes to the doctor because his wife can’t orgasm.

The doctor explains his wife is probably over heating and needs to find a way to cool her down. The guy goes to his best friend and asks him to waft a towel over him and his wife while they have sex to keep them cool. The friend agrees and the next day he shows up and wafts the towel while they bone down, but hours go buy and the guy has climaxed several times but his wife not even once. The man gets frustrated and tells his friend to pork her while he wafts the towel. After just minutes the wife begins moaning and screaming as she’s wracked over and over again by waves and waves of orgasms’. When she finally stops, the man looks to his friend and smugly tells him “See, now that’s how you waft a fucking towel.”

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Good thng the friend was bale to get the job done before the wife had to be the one wafting the towel.


Seems like a simple fan would suffice.


Gonna wait a month just to repost this and probably name those guys Paddy or Frank.


A husband comes home early and walks into his wife in the kitchen, he notices her bending over to clean the oven, so he takes off her underwear and fucks her right there in that position and she moans with joy, after finishing he turns his wife around and slaps her “What was that for?!” asks the wife “Because you didn’t turn around to find out who was it” answers the husband


also there is a pun on ‟fuckng” towel