A problem no one seems to talk about – Summer camps are monopolized by the Church.

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Summer camps are an investment in future tithing, so subsidizing makes sense. Just like day care and private school.


Who can compete with a free labor force of zealots and pedophiles?


Even 4-H camps have things like Vespers at the end of the evenings and other terms that have religious origins. Any organization that relies heavily on volunteers will not be secular because religious people just cannot help themselves.


Europe and germany specifically has summer camps and a lot of childrens activities organized by the cities. It’s a great way to make money and get experience as a teen working there and it’s completely religion free.


Have you checked for YMCA camps in your area? The Y runs them in many places, they are non-religious, and leas expensive than many other options. I sent my kids a few years ago and it was maybe $1000 for the week (not sire exactly)