A school teacher, was arrested on charges of “hurting religious sentiment” after he discussed in the classroom the distinction between religion and science. Bangladeshi authorities must immediately and unconditionally release Hriday Chandra Mondal Amnesty International said.

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Hopefully he isn’t put to death. Im pretty sure if the government doesn’t kill him he’ll lose his job, reputation, be shunned and probably have death threats. Hell he was probably arrested because he was receiving death threats. Religion of peace…haha. It’s funny that an all powerful god needs insignificant beings to protect him, it’s almost like god doesn’t exist and humans do horrible things to control the masses, but blame and thank the invisible man in the sky.


I initially assumed this was in the US. Sad part is that it will be very soon if the US continues down the path it it sprinting down.


Religion destroys.


chilling and stifling effect. Exactly religion’s desired effect!


“Hurting religious sentiments” that is the stupidest thing ever