A surplus of food on its own was not enough to drive the transition from hunter-gatherer societies to the hierarchical states. New Hypothesis proposed that only when humans began farming food that could be stored, divvied up, traded, and taxed, did social structures begin to take shape.

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Is it really new theory that food storage and trade was the cause? I read this about it being so in college in the 90s from research that was already old at the time, but it’s not my major.


Hang on they are suggesting that pre-agricultural cultures weren’t hierarchical? That sounds a bit noble savage fallacy.


This is what I always think about when people only focus on money for food. It’s not just a matter of supply, it’s also a matter of logistics and removing corruption from the supply chain.


Hily cow. Is this new? I always thaught that was the minimum occurrence for structured society.


Hmm, so what you’re saying is that taxation is civilization.