A U.S. ban on seafood imports from Russia over its invasion of Ukraine was supposed to sap billions of dollars from Vladimir Putin’s war machine: However, Russian-caught pollock, salmon and crab are processed in China and labeled “Product of China”

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I read an article in which the USA does the same. It supposedly saves manufacturing cost. They (US) ships it to China frozen, China thaw’s, process it and in some cases package) refreeze and ships back to US I think the American economy would be much better if we had in house manufacturing, but the CEO needs to make a profit. /S


All is well, I wouldn’t buy food from China anyway


Food labeled Product of China I avoid like the plague. Why would you want to consume Chinese water in your food?


If I recall correctly food from the US would get shipped to China for processing then shipped back. Don’t know if that’s still the case with the shipping rates recently but do believe it was.


I can’t say I buy Chinese fish too often