Air Force is helping servicemembers get out of religiously tainted ‘Anti-trans States’.

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These states are only going to get poorer.


Beau of the Fifth Column had a great video on this a couple days ago, and a warning: if the USAF sees that readiness is effected because they can’t put folks at the bases where their skills are needed, they’ll simply transfer those functions to other bases. Watch what happens if this results in base closures, considering how many communities have economies that revolve around the base. It’s interesting though, we tend to think of the military as conservative but they’re typically well ahead of the curve on social matters. Look at when the military desegregated vs. the country at large, for example.


And this is one of the reasons why I plan to join the Air Force after college


Look at my branch doing something about this isn’t that sweet I joined the right branch… I guess


Close down all bases in these states.