At one point in history A man and A Woman recorded themselves having sex watched it back and decided to let people watch it for money.

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At some point someone took a naked painting of themselves, when cameras came out people decided that would be even better. Once we had video technology people decided that if still photos were selling, imagine how good a full video would sell.


Eh we’ve been doing porn since cave paintings. As technology changes one of the first things to adapt is always porn look at VR.


“If you’re good at something, never make it for free”


Well it’s just the natural evolution of the sex show. Rather than charging people tickets to watch theatre sex shows and public orgies – the actors and participants only had to do it once or twice, record it and let the audience take it home with them for replay value. Live sex shows and people paying to watch is a business model as old as time.


Only 1 point? Also more likely someone convinced a man and a woman to be recorded and let people watch it for money.