Building solar farms could cut bills and replace Russian gas faster than other sources of energy, industry says

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I suspect in hindsight, when the benefits of the green economy are fully realized, the damage done by existing “legacy” industries stalling the transition will be one of the greatest shames of human history.


Faster, sure. But completely replacing it isn’t possible. I just saw a docu about a glas bottle manufacturer in Germany the other day and they had to close because of the ever rising natural gas prices. They could probably replace the gas burners with a mix of heat pumps and high power hair dryers. But that would mean switching to a whole different technology and that’s neither easy nor cheap. —– But yes, if we build much more PV solar and wind energy generators then we could at least all switch to heat pumps to not need natural gas for heating millions of homes. And that’s at least a step in the right direction.


Does r/Futurology just automatically believe everything “industry” says?


Nuclear is the only feasible option to get off fossil fuels completely. People have a phobia of it though.


We don’t have the full supply chain for PV. What we *do* have the supply chain for is grid interconnection. High voltage interconnects mainly rely on aluminum and steel. By connecting grids, we take advantage of Metcalfe’s law, or the network effect. This is the observation that the greater the number of participants with a service, the more valuable the service becomes to the community. The best solution to intermittent power production, is connection to a wider array of intermittent, and shiftable, power demand, as well as a broader net for intermittent power production. The main challenges are vested interests, and the political opposition they support, and they make the technical challenges seem small.