California teen who vanished three years ago is found alive in Utah

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I’m glad he was found and helped but I’m very curious why his parents named him Connerjack


How fantastic. Those cops were curious, knew there was more to this homeless kid’s story even after finding an old arrest warrant. And the young man’s parents understood that right away. Incredible story.


Wait, why did he have an arrest warrant in Nevada?


Wait what’s the rest of the story? Why was he missing in the first place? What was he doing that whole time he was gone? Something smells fishy.


From his mom’s Facebook (public posted) page. “The thing is… Someone shared it there and it blew up. We’re not trying to keep anything from anyone. We just don’t know all of the facts yet. Someone told my son he could go on a pilgrimage to find himself and he did so. We don’t know who are all involved yet so we were trying to protect him as best as we could on it. We realize it was brought to California and a whole 24 hours after the fact it blew up across the nation and not just in California. All we ask is for people to please be respectful at this time. Like I said… We’re still trying to get all the facts and protect CJ.”