China’s ‘space dream’: A Long March to the Moon and beyond

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Did anybody else scroll down to the bottom of this story and see links to where this exact same story has been posted five times previously, as far back as December of 2020? Do they recycle this story every time there’s something newsworthy about the Chinese space program?


Not really anything in the article we have not read many times before. >But lunar work was dealt a setback in 2017 when the Long March-5 Y2, a powerful heavy-lift rocket, failed to launch on a mission to send communication satellites into orbit. Long March 9s were the original Moon rockets. They only seemed to switch to Long March 5s last year so not sure how a 2017 failure was a set back.


Renewable energy sector in China is already much bigger than what America has to offer, ofc, people only have access to all the negative stuff about China


ok, not an original dream or anything.. but good luck… might slow them down from starting a war since they are so full up on how good they think they are.