Christians really need to stop pretending the bible isn’t full of misogyny and bigotry

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Just like all the banning of books from school libraries. Can’t be learning about the Holocaust and all it’s atrocities, but a book that depicts children being mauled by a bear for making fun of a bald man, or 2 girls getting their father drunk, raping him, and getting pregnant by him, is absolutely fine.


The thing is that all of the rape, murder, misogyny, etc occurred in the Old Testament. So, Christians claim that the New Covenant of Christ found in the New Testament abolishes all of those wrongs. When in reality, the New Covenant was only about no longer having to do animal sacrifices. But yea that’s their argument for ignoring the horrible things commanded by the “benevolent” god. Stay informed; stay free of BS.


>The reason why few Christians realize this is because most have never read the bible. Instead, they have pastors, priests and others cherry pick verses for them. These verses always support their religious and political agendas. The clergy then present these cherry picked and decontextualized snippets of text as “sacred truths” to their congregations. This. This is the one final main ultimate issue. This is the final extra dlc boss that atheism faces on a 74 hour long game.


The trick is to keep yelling as loud as possible to prevent the non-believers from presenting evidence that the bible is flawed (complete with discrediting them and accusing them of being horrible and oppressive), and then when society has advanced to the point where the issues in that book can’t be ignored any more you just say that the translation was wrong and you’ve updated it to be less horrible. Rince and repeat because there’s a lot of problems with that book and with this trick you can delay changes for years.


They will never disavow their play book to treat others with hatred and malice. It’s in their alleged souls now.