Dentist charged me $1500 when insurance statements my cost would be $800

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1. Contact your insurance company and ask. Verify all the details of your coverage and inform them of the bill from the dentist. 2. Contact the dentist after you have an answer from the insurance company.


Send a copy of the EOB to the dentist and ask for an updated bill. Sometimes it is an honest miscommunication/inaccurate estimate.


What my insurance told me in a similar situation. 1. I first verified the the office in-network via the insurances database. (not updated?) 2. After claim and remaining balance the insurance company said it was an out-of-network visit but it was a dentist with the same name and same city? Sure. 3. The insurance paid the negotiated rate, but proclaimed the dentist office can bill whatever they want being out of network. But this insurance company also fought a 60 dollar claim for 9 months because they wanted justification on why a dentist feels they have the audacity to fix a cavity, without x-ray/image proof of a problem, even thought there were both x-rays and images of the problem. ​ Moral of the story, fight, fight fight, ask questions, demand stuff in writing, believe no one.


You should always check your EOB after all medical visits. The dentist owes you the money back. There are laws against balance billing in which providers charge more than balance stated on the EOB.


Talk to the office – they probably weren’t expecting to get paid as much by insurance, so just ask for a refund