Donald Trump’s fingerprints are all over the RNC debate decision

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To be fair no Republican has any sort of platform that can withstand even the mildest of scrutiny. All they have are made up problems, fear, and bigotry. Our country is facing serious and existential problems and all Republicans can offer is whining about Mr. Potato Head and picking on little trans and gay kids.


Trump can’t stand real questions, because he has no real answers. “That’s good question, a really good question that deserves a good answer. We’ve looked at questions like this and we’ve talked about possibilities, They were really good conversations with really smart people involved. I’m glad you asked that question. It’s a good question.”


It’s probably because the day-after polls showed 60% of the public thought Biden won the first debate and 53% thought he won the second while only 29% thought Trump won the first and 39% the second. The GOP spent all that political capital characterizing Joe as sleepy and out of it and then he proceeded to knock the toupee off the incumbent twice.


They don’t want everyone to see how badly he’s declined and it’s likely to be even worse in two more years…..if he’s still alive.


If a candidate doesn’t debate, just give all the time to the other candidate