ELI5: Why do people who have had severe plastic surgery end up having the same looking face/features?

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The same techniques are used to achieve what plastic surgeons consider a perfect face. My best friend’s dad growing up was a plastic surgeon and he would go to conferences and stuff just to study what makes the face “beautiful.” When one doctor would find an amazing way to do X procedure that had an amazing outcome for a patient, other doctors would adopt that way of doing the procedure. So basically all these plastic surgeons are learning from each other. Why reinvent the wheel type of thing. This results in similar looking features.


People like Jocelyn Wildenstein who get repeated and extreme plastic surgery often have body dysmorphia disorder, where they have a warped perception of themselves. They often obsess over certain “desirable” features (as determined by society) like big lips, small noses, pronounced cheekbones, etc. And every time they get one procedure done, they look in the mirror, and their mind tells them their nose is still too big, and their lips are still too small, etc. So they keep going back for the same procedures. But a surgeon can only make the cheekbones so high, and the lips so big, resulting in people ending up with similar (and unfortunately deformed) faces.


Keep in mind that we also mostly notice bad or weird plastic surgery, a good example is Tom Cruise, for his age he looks extremely good : That’s a good lifting there.


There are lots of different cosmetic procedures, some of them you’d never notice, like for example a one off nose job where a bump gets removed in accordance with the proportions of the rest of your face. One of the things you will definitely notice over time is fillers. They do not stay put, they move around your face over time. So you redo them fairly frequently and will end up with that pillowy look, especially if you also keep tightening the skin to not get wrinkles. There’s only so much of that you can do without it starting to look unnatural.


This is what I always say for people who get plastic surgery…they don’t look their age but they do look ‘done’! Jennifer Aniston to Katie Price. Big pillowy faces. I think it’s just stretching the skin and pumping lots of shit in.