Elon Musk ‘funding secured’ tweets ruled false new court filing suggests

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> Judge Edward M. Chen, who is presiding in this matter, had concluded that Musk acted with scienter — in other words, that he knowingly made false statements about having funding secured when he tweeted. It’s perfectly acceptable to recognize that Tesla and SpaceX are game changers in their respective industries, and still recognize that Elon Musk is a grad-A asshole.


Market manipulators gonna manipulate markets.


I like how his lawyer pivoted to some bullshit free speech talking point.


Well hopefully he is fined billions instead of a couple million or worse, thousands. He is worth over 100billion. Less than 1 billion isn’t even 1% of his net worth.


“A court filing out late Friday said a judge ruled Tesla CEO Elon Musk knowingly made false statements when he tweeted about a take-private deal for the company in 2018.” _____________ Tesla stock owners now have an action against Elon for recklessly damaging their portfolios.