EU decision to restrict bee-harming pesticide causes tension with US

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Hate to say it, but I genuinely place bees at a higher value than US lobbyists and profit. Bees rule. *[edit: on further self-reflection, I retract the phrase “hate to say it”, as it does not accurately reflect my personal values]*


just like the US with the UK.. US: “you must take our chlorine washed chicken” UK: “no” US: “why are you causing tension?”


My family owns a fairly large orchard. Every year I used to hear the loud droning of bees during bloom season, not the past two years though. The decline is no joke. It’s just a couple bumblebees here and there.


The chemicals kill bees and can end our food chain… But we gatta think of the economy! How are the ulta rich going to stay ulta rich if we think only about humanities future?


Wait what? Why on earth would that cause tension with the US?